Children transportation

A number of rules are applicable for flying with children

An adult passenger is entitled to transport an infant of no more than 2 years old without assigning a separate seat (at the rate of 10% of an adult fare) with the mandatory issuance of a ticket for the infant. Each next infant under 2 accompanied by an adult, as well as children aged 2 to 12 are transported with a discounted rate ticket stipulated by the rate rules applicable by the Air Company "TARON-AVIA".

At the same time, a separate seat is assigned and a free of charge baggage transportation is permitted according to the established standards.

When issuing a passenger ticket for a child and during the check-in procedure, a passenger (or the person accompanying the child) should present a document stating the age of the child (a passport or a birth certificate) to the air company.

A child's age is calculated as of the date of transportation, at the departure point, stated on the air ticket. The Air Company "TARON-AVIA" or its authorized agent is obliged to indicate the child's date of birth on the ticket.

In case the actual age stated on the air ticket does not correspond to reality "TARON-AVIA" is entitled to reject the child's transportation or require issuing a new air ticket at a discount that corresponds to the actual age of the child.

The departure of a minor child from Armenia is performed in accordance with the current law.


Seats for passengers with children

According to aviation security rules children should not be seated next to emergency exits. Passengers with infants under 2 are seated in accordance with the availability of extra oxygen masks for an infant of under 2  in the block of seats. Checking in on the air company website such blocks are marked by the indicator "I".


Transportation of Baby Carriages

The Air Company "TARON-AVIA" is concerned about the comfort of its little passengers and allows  to carry baby cradles and baby carriages onboard.

Please note only strollers weighing no more than 4,5 kilos and having dimensions not exceeding 53х27х97cm are permitted for cabin transportation  in accordance with the international standards and rules for transportation.

We hope for your understanding and kindly ask to make sure that your baby carriage complies sample in order to prevent delays in your flight landing.

Baby carriages of other dimensions are marked with the designated sample of the baggage tag and are dealt to luggage during the time of registration, at the check-in sector of the airport of departure. If you want to use the baby carriage before boarding the aircraft please inform the check-in officer about it. In that case the baby carriage will be marked with a baggage tag of the designated sample and with an additional ''Deliver at aircraft side'' indicator tag. Please keep the stub of the tag. Before boarding the aircraft the baby carriage should be left at the mobile ladder or in the head of the jetway. When you arrive you should ask the flight attendant to give you the baby carriage when coming out of the aircraft near the mobile ladder or at the head of the jetway. Please note that at some airports baby carriages are delivered in a general manner at the baggage dispensing area due to the technical peculiarities of the airport.